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Article: Extreme Station, S.0.S Cabello

Cuidados especiales que necesita tu pelo en invierno

Extreme Station, S.0.S Cabello

You can have dry and frizzy hair throughout the year and you can have it only in winter. When the thermometer drops the hair tends to dry out, the low temperatures negatively affect the hair by altering its outermost layer, the cuticle, and at the same time the problems of scalp oiliness are exacerbated by the heat, causing itching and irritation.

Hair care and attention in summer are well known, but it seems that during the cold months we let our guard down. Today we encourage you to pay attention to your hair with revolutionary protocols and care to avoid the unwanted effects of the cold.

Let's remember that healthy hair requires a balanced functioning of all the skin structures that make up the scalp: follicles working, proper blood flow and a good degree of hydration of the epidermis. As the cold decreases the blood supply and decreases the hydration of the epidermis, it favors the hair to dry out. Wind not only spoils the hairstyle but can also dry, dirty and electrify the hair due to the particles it raises.

Keys to take care of your hair in winter

Here is our selection of infallible suggestions for hair care during the cold months, so that it can recover its natural appearance and look healthy, shiny and full of life. Care that you can easily implement at home with professional results.

Brush without fail. Brushing your hair before washing is a relaxing and simple gesture that not only helps to get rid of tangles, but also makes it easier to remove finishing products or pollution. As the cold weakens the structure of the hair, making it break more easily, brushing should be gentle and always use flexible bristle or wide bristle brushes. Here you can see our collection of brushes and choose the right one for you.

2. Pre-shampoo helps. We never tire of repeating it, applying a conditioner to dry hair before shampooing is a treatment you can easily do yourself and will restore softness to your hair, especially if you have an oily scalp and dry mid-lengths and ends. We recommend H04 Everyday Conditioner.

3. Choose your shampoo wisely. Look for the shampoo that best suits your needs, avoid shampoos with high washing power on a regular basis, but offer effective weekly cleansing to the scalp, which also needs it.

4. Always gentle. Conditioners protect the cuticle of the hair improving its appearance and softening it, use it always, it will not dirty or subtract volume to the hair if you choose the one that best suits your needs. Our conditioners here and your questions to

Be sure to try our iBlend brush, specially designed to apply conditioner in the shower. In addition to detangling easily, it distributes the product evenly and helps for better and easier rinsing.

5. Blow-drying, the big bet. Wet hair is weaker, the hair fiber is more swollen and vulnerable and towel drying with forceful movements is prone to charge the hair with electricity. We recommend trying our latest turban towel, A01 Hair Turban Towel.

Tip: In winter we recommend drying your hair thoroughly, leaving it too long in humidity can irritate the scalp. Use the hair dryer at a low temperature and at a safe distance of approx. 20 cm to prevent damage to the hair.

6. When the extras matter. H08 Conditioning Mist will be your ally for smooth, frizz-free hair. This leave-in treatment protects, moisturizes and tames frizz, leaving hair soft and manageable, ready for the best styling you want to do.

When sprayed on towel-dried hair, it is practically imperceptible, but when you comb through your hair, you can feel the softness it leaves in your hair. Its marine active ingredients also offer great protection to the hair.

You can also use it on the ends of your dry hair to further soften without weighing it down.

And if you practice winter sports, apply it before leaving home to minimize the effect that snow, wind or sun can have on the cuticle.

We hope you find these tips useful, for any questions or clarifications please contact us at, we will be happy to help you.

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