What shampoo should we use to wash our hair in summer and why?

Since the condition of your hair can vary due to temperature, humidity and exposure to UV radiation, in summer we advise you to choose your shampoo according to how you perceive the condition of your hair and scalp, the effect you want to achieve and how often you wash your hair.

  • On beach and sunny days it is advisable to wash almost every day. Sun, salt and chlorine alter the color and structure of the hair. Beware of solar shampoos, not because they don't work, but because not all hair in summer needs ultra-gentle or greasy formulas. Our recommendation: H05 Solid Shampoo or H01 Frequent Use Shampoo.

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  • If during the year we perceive the root of the hair greasy, in summer we may notice less fat, but even so we must choose a shampoo that moisturizes without greasing the scalp. This is how we will get the feeling of lightness and clean hair for longer that we like so much. We recommend choosing a shampoo with effective cleansing agents that remove chlorine and/or saltpetre residues as well as sunscreens, and that is also: pleasant to use, easy to rinse and with enough foam to massage the scalp and enjoy after a day at the beach and in the sun. H03 Shine & Vitality Shampoo or H05 Solid Shampoo delivers.

  • And if the roots of the hair are oily, but the mid-lengths and ends feel dry and damaged, remember that the sun will dry them out even more, so in addition to always protecting them from UV radiation, don't forget to apply conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends after shampooing. The conditioner helps to restore the integrity of the hair fiber and improves the visual and sensory parameters that we like to observe so much in the hair: softness and shine. Our options: H04 Everyday Conditioner or H06 Solid Conditioner.
  • If during the year we have normal/dry hair roots, we should choose a shampoo that respects the scalp and hair, cleanses as mentioned above, and with active ingredients that provide softness to the hair and protect the cuticle to enhance softness, shine and coloration, such as our H02 Repairing Shampoo.

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    • In summer, the sweat generated by sports and the high temperatures can cause a slight itching of the scalp. This itching is due to the fact that sweat increases the pH of the scalp, which is slightly acidic under normal conditions. This itching does not require a special shampoo or treatment, just wet it and a light "shampooing" with a shampoo such as H01 Frequent Use Shampoo will bring the pH back to normal and the itching will disappear.

    Lavarse el cabello todos los días

    • Since sun protection makes the hair a bit greasy and sea water together with the sun leaves it salty and weighed down, the use of a treatment shampoo such as H07 Sea Salt Shampoo is highly recommended. This shampoo has a powerful formula to give a rejuvenating feeling of softness, shine and volume to your scalp and hair, and in summer is more than recommended for use in all hair types. It effectively removes traces of sunscreen, oils and dirt from the water, offering well-being to the scalp and hair.

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