A01 Hair Turban Towel


Enhance your hair as you dry it with this 100% certified organic cotton turban towel. When hair is wet it is more vulnerable to breakage, drying it gently and removing excess water is essential for its care.

Remember that it is not advisable to expose wet hair directly to the dryer without first drying it well with a towel. A sudden change in humidity can deform the cuticle and cause breakage.

This 100% certified organic cotton towel is extra absorbent and gently dries the hair in the most suitable way to protect the cuticle, minimising frizz and breakage. Fits all head sizes.

After each use, let the turban air dry naturally. To keep the turban fresh and clean, wash at 30°C after a few uses.

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Customer Reviews

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María Dolores Esteban Morcillo
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Maravilloso. Estoy encantada y compraré otro para regalar. Absorbe muy bien el agua y disminuye el encrespamiento.

Patricia Rodríguez Fernández
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Me gusta mucho

Tenía otra y no hay color. Esta tiene un género muy bueno! Recomendable!

Vanesa Alvarez Campos
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Urban Towel

Suave, gustosa y confortable, seca el pelo muy bien y es amplio y cómodo de usar. Me encanta!

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