H09 Hair Mask 100 ml


Intensive revitalizing treatment with Hemi-Esqualane, the best natural substitute for silicones, 100% natural, for all hair types.

H09 Hair mask replenishes hair hydration in depth. Its active ingredients, with proven properties on the hair fiber at the concentration used, strengthen the hair, improving softness and manageability. Continued use restores to the hair the parameters we always like to observe: shine, elasticity and frizz control. And all this without weighing hair down or greasing it. This mask has been formulated for:

  1. Hair with visible damage from dyes, highlights, regular use of heat tools and/or exposure to UV radiation, to strengthen damaged hair fiber.
  2. Healthy hair, to protect and revitalize healthy hair from external factors that daily modify the keratin and lipids of the hair, weakening it.

Its secret? A combination of active ingredients with a high percentage of natural ingredients and proven properties on the hair fiber: amino acids, squalane, hemi-squalane, vitamins, and a nourishing blend of Mediterranean oils, such as Brassica oil, and others such as Jojoba oil, which make hair feel instantly softer and more manageable after application, without reducing volume.

Silicone and paraben free. Suitable for colored hair and Curly Method. Its pH 4.30-4.80 acidic, to keep the cuticle more sealed. Travel size, 100 ml. Vegan.

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Me encanta

Me gustan todos vuestros productos,pero el champú de sal marina es mi preferido

¿Recomienda este producto?:
Me encanta.

Deja el pelo suave y con volumen.
No es nada grasienta.

Nadia Fernandez Losada
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Muy hidratante

Despues de varias aplicaciones, noto el pelo mas suelto y mejor. Ademas mi pelo tiende a engrasar aunque solo haga tratamiento en puntas, con esta mascarilla no me pasa.