Duo Mask H09 + Sublime Oil H10

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This cosmetic duo is designed to offer extra softness, protection and shine to your hair. These two products make your hair easy to manage, feel softer, and all without weighing it down or weighing it down, just the way we like it.

When you wash your hair you may be faithful to wash and condition, however introducing a post-wash mask and oil to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair is another way to maintain moisture and boost hydration. Innovative hair care actives deliver professional results wherever you are.

This mask and sublime oil, are indicated for all hair types but especially for:

  1. Hair with visible damage from dyes, highlights, regular use of heat tools and/or exposure to UV radiation, to strengthen damaged hair fiber.
  2. Healthy hair, to protect and revitalize healthy hair from external factors that daily modify the keratin and lipids of the hair, weakening it.
  3. Cold blond, graying hair. This mask is completely white and the oil is transparent, neither provides yellowish and/or orange tones, being very suitable for smoothing and minimizing frizz in this type of hair.

H09 Hair mask. Smoothes and beautifies your hair without fear. Including this mask in your beauty routine will give you that summer softness and shine and that "plus" you are trying to get in your hair.

H10 Sublime Oil. Your new must-have. The product you need to replenish your hair with the vital nutrients and moisture it needs to be beautiful and ready for any plan.

At times of the year when you notice that your hair is dehydrated: extreme weather, exhaustion, lack of time, poor diet ... replace the conditioner with the mask, even if this means using it daily, and finish sealing your ends with the oil is highly recommended.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Sara Blázq
    ¿Recomienda este producto?:
    Mascarilla y aceite

    Hacía mucho tiempo que un producto no me gustaba tanto desde el primer uso
    Deja el pelo brillante, suelto y como mucho volumen

    Onintza Sertutxa gorostiza
    ¿Recomienda este producto?:
    Pack mascarilla y aceite

    He comprado la mascarilla H09 y el aceite sublime H10 y me han encantado. El pelo queda sedoso y brillante, los dos productos tienen un olor maravilloso. En el paquete me vino una muestra del champú de sal H07 y me he enamorado, me ha dejado el pelo ligero y limpio, lavarte la cabeza con él ha sido una experiencia maravillosa. El próximo pedido segurísimo que repito productos y compro el champú H07

    Helena Mompo selva
    ¿Recomienda este producto?:
    Muy bueno

    Te deja el pelo limpio y brillante y sedoso

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