For greasy hair to remove flakes from the scalp and the oil generated by the sebaceous glands in greater depth.

On fine, straight hair with greasy roots, it helps to space out washes and adds light and volume to your hair.

On hair that uses finishing products in general or occasionally: dry shampoos, volumising powders, oils with silicones that other milder surfactants are unable to remove, producing the dreaded "build up". This shampoo effectively removes these residues while respecting the scalp and hair.

In cities with high pollution this shampoo acts effectively on the hair. The pollutants in suspension that remain attached to the hair are removed more easily, especially in greasy hair.

If you use treatment products such as anti-hair loss lotions or ampoules, alternating your treatment shampoo with this shampoo can improve the absorption of the treatment.

In fact, for anyone who wants a deeper cleansing of the scalp without altering the hair fibre, restoring softness, shine and volume to both roots and ends.