How to apply H09 Hair Mask?

After shampooing, apply the mask from mid-lengths to ends on well-drained hair. If possible, towel dry the hair a little before applying it to better perceive its results. Distribute evenly and gently over hair and leave on for 3-5 minutes. Then rinse well. Can also be used on dry hair as a leave-in treatment cream, applying a small amount, especially on the ends. It softens, adds shine and texture.

How often should the hair mask be applied?

It is best to use the mask once a week. At times when your hair is drier or more damaged, use it every time you wash your hair until it is balanced.

If you know that you are going to expose your hair more to the sun, salt, chlorine, cold, wind..., a few days before, start applying the mask after washing your hair, you will get your hair is more protected and look healthy and strong.

Can I leave the hair mask on overnight?

We do not recommend leaving the mask on all night, remember that everything we apply to the hair, when we sleep we transfer it to the face and scalp, which can cause imperfections and / or irritation. What you can do is to use H09 Hair Mask for a longer time than recommended, and for this we recommend you to wrap your hair with our turban towel for greater comfort.

Can I use it if I have dry hair due to coloring and highlights?

Yes, this mask is highly recommended for dry hair due to bleaching or highlights. It softens and restores shine without weighing hair down or weighing it down.