How to use the hair oil?

Place 2 to 4 drops on the palm of your hands. Rub them together to warm the product and apply from mid-lengths to ends for even distribution and a natural feel, as well as to enhance shine.

Is the oil applied on wet or dry hair?

H10 Sublime Oil is a multi-purpose oil that you can apply at different times of your hair care ritual, both on wet and dry hair, as detailed below.

  1. Before cleansing. H10 Sublime Oil can be used on brushed and dried hair before shampooing on the driest areas, especially the ends. It will protect your hair from washing as well as double cleansing.
  2. Before drying. Apply H10 Sublime Oil after towel drying your hair and once evenly distributed, proceed with drying. Remember to always keep an eye on the temperature of the dryer to avoid damaging the hair fiber by overheating.
  3. After the chosen hairstyle. Once you have shaped your hair, work the ends with a few drops of H10 Sublime Oil to control frizz and further define the chosen shape.
  4. Yes to a touch-up. A few drops every morning before leaving the house offers a touch of extra shine and protection, that's our trick. H10 Sublime Oil when used properly does not weigh down or leave residue on your hair, so it is suitable for even the finest hair.

How much hair oil should I use?

The amount of oil will depend on the length and porosity of your hair, we recommend 2 to 4 drops, observe the results and add more if necessary. After a few uses, you will control the dosage better than anyone else and you can give your hair the softness and shine you desire, as well as an attractive scent.

What is hair porosity?

Hair porosity is the ability of the hair fiber to absorb and hold moisture. It is related to the condition of your cuticle and can tell you how your hair is doing - porous hair is particularly fragile. Although porosity is genetically determined, there are factors that increase porosity such as excessive heat tools, UV radiation and coloring.