Duo H07 Sea Salt Shampoo & H08 Conditioning Mist

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Did you know that 80% of people who buy H07 Sea Salt Shampoo on their second order include H08 Conditioning Mist?

That's why we've created this duo with the top sellers at Modesta Cassinello at a special price, for a limited time only on our website.

H07 Sea Salt Shampoo will help you balance and heal your scalp and hair, leaving your hair cleaner for longer, looser and fuller. While H08 Conditioning Mist recovers the integrity of the hair fiber improving frizz and giving back to your hair the parameters that we like to observe, resistance, softness and shine.

For best results, place a small amount of shampoo (5 cent coin) on your wet fingers, glide over the fingers of your other hand to spread the product and apply to wet hair at the roots.

Work from the roots upwards, massaging very gently into the scalp. Add a little water to make the lather even creamier, let it glide over the rest of the hair and rinse thoroughly.

Do it with care and enjoy it, it's your moment.

Combine with our H04 Everyday Moisturising Conditioner or our best seller H08 Conditioning Mist to give your hair extra moisture without the need for rinsing.

H07 Sea Salt Shampoo is a hair care treatment that you should tailor to your needs. If you have oily hair or use a lot of styling products you can use it more than one day a week, if on the other hand you have dry hair, one day a week will be enough. The rest of the days of the week you want to wash your hair use H01 Frequent Use Shampoo, H03 Shampoo Shine and Vitality or H05 Solid Shampoo, the three complement each other perfectly.

If you have any doubts, we recommend you consult us before application to ensure that the treatment is a success. Write to us at hola@modestacassinello.com

Always shake before use and spray on damp hair after each wash to help detangle and define the style better, as well as protect your hair from frizz and also from the high temperatures of blow dryers, flat irons and UV radiation. Your fingers or a brush will help you spread the product evenly. Remember, it does not need to be rinsed out.

You can also apply it on dry hair whenever you want.

Y además, viste tu cabello

Customer Reviews

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María Jesús Escobar Montero
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El pelo queda súper limpio

Cristina Villo
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Me habían hablado de este champú pero me ha sorprendido incluso más de lo que esperaba, de verdad. Con muy poca cantidad deja el pelo super limpio y brillante. El mist luego es importante para ayudar a suavizar el cabello.

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Muy contenta

El champú es genial, pensé que su formato no me iba a convencer pero me equivoqué, fácil de usar y con una cantidad mínima te vale, da mucha espuma y sientes cuando te aclaras que el pelo te queda muy limpio, es una sensación que nunca había sentido con ningún champú y cuando te secas el pelo queda muy suave. Lo que no me acaba de emocionar es la lata en donde viene el champú, la rosca no abre muy bien.

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