Modesta is one of those energizing people with whom it is a pleasure to be because it infects you with its vital force and a positivism that is born, as she says of "taking care of having good health and bad memory". Honest, brave and firm in her approaches, she understands authenticity as a philosophy of life and is one of those who think that the past should not define your future.

Sensitive, with a dialogic look and a welcoming smile, she has a special gift to attract with her presence, naturally, almost without wanting to. Those who know her well say of her that she is like foam; Soft, light and elegant as the wonderful textures it creates. They say that she is creative, persevering and perfectionist, aware that the big differences are in the small details. True to her principles she defends them with frankness and courage, and of course, with that touch of stubbornness that those who have clear ideas.

What she likes most in the world is walking along the sea and a good family meal, if it is a better Minestrone! This is Modesta, a simple person with an avant-garde spirit, who believes in a job well done, in the Mediterranean way of life and in the magic of feeling that "Mediterranean character in your skin".

A look at her profession

Demanding and challenging with her sector, she defends the idea of caring and beautifying the skin more than removing and correcting, she focuses on "With" rather than "Without" cosmetics. Modesta's philosophy is a sum, it contribute in positive to embellish us and to achieve the best version of our skin.

She proposes a sustainable and responsible cosmetic that worries about the how and not only about the what, which takes it to take out its more explorer self, in a constant search of coherence in its formulas, materials and packaging.

Her fascination for beauty and a healthy lifestyle has made this Doctor of Pharmacy and a Diploma in Nutrition take out her most investigative and daring facet to offer us bottled Mediterranean riches. A luxury now available to everyone.