1. The true "chemistry" of Modesta Cassinello is the one created between that place in the Mediterranean and you. You choose the place, we put the experience.
  2. We offer a concept of beauty that seeks your fullness. We are interested in the concept of holistic, full beauty, which integrates the Mediterranean lifestyle.
  3. A slogan "Effectiveness for your skin and pleasure for your senses". We make a natural, effective and sensory cosmetics, fusing the best of nature and science.
  4. We are neither anti-nor pro-, we are a cosmetic without limits, designed effectively to take care of all skin types, for all hair types and for any age.
  5. The natural inspires us, so we look for the maximum percentage of naturalness in our formulas. We believe in the abundance of nature and the riches it offers us.
  6. We are an honest, transparent and close author cosmetics, we seek to take care of all the details so that you project your best skin to enjoy an authentic experience.
  7. We are sustainable, responsible and committed cosmetics. We are driven by a constant search for packaging that takes care of the health of our planet as much as ours.
  8. Cosmetics with Mediterranean character, accessible, open and enjoy that you always like to share.

Welcome to the Mediterranean cosmetics of Modesta Cassinello, more than a place, more than a lifestyle, a Mediterranean character for the care of your skin and hair.