Olivia Garden FingerBrush Brush



Get a flawless brush with the most successful brush of the moment, the Fingerbrush Combo Collection by Olivia Garden.

This innovative brush disentangles with ease and eliminates static electricity while taking care of the hair at the same time. It is used both wet and dry, for all hair types regardless of age.

Lightweight, with a unique ergonomic design that has a ventilation system to protect hair from drying, with a mixture of rounded boar and nylon bristles that help achieve greater comfort and control of the hairstyle.

How to use?

We insist on the importance of starting brushing at the ends, holding the lock from the roots thus avoiding sudden jerks. Afterwards, we slide the brush gently from medium to ends, and we finish brushing from the roots.

We advise you to separate the hair by strands and start brushing the hair from behind, that is, from the nape of the neck.

Without a doubt a daily ritual that will keep your hair healthy with a smooth finish and sparkly.


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