Fingerbrush Round


The Olivia Garden Fingerbrush Round is the perfect complement to shape the hair, giving a polished and shiny result. Its ionising power prevents frizz.

What makes it special?

It is gentle on the hair, minimising tugging and stress on the hair follicle.

Its bristles, a mixture of nylon and boar, offer a soft and soothing contact on the scalp and at the same time a high-shine brushing.

Highly ventilated design ensures gentle and even heat distribution, reducing drying time.

Soft touch, non-slip handle

How to use?

If your hair is wet, blow dry it as if you were going to use a flat iron, practically 80% of the hair.

Work in sections and glide the brush over your hair while using the hairdryer at medium heat and avoiding bringing the nozzle close to the hair and brush.

Use fluid movements, the hair is polished by contact and ionising effect, so this fluidity increases the degree of shine.

Y además, viste tu cabello

Customer Reviews

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María Poveda Lloret
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El mejor que he probado

Sin duda, el mejor cepillo para secar el pelo que he probado. Recoge genial y desliza sin tirones. Al ser abierto, seca antes. Ojalá lo haya en más diámetros

¿Recomienda este producto?:

Recoge muy bien los mechones y, al ser tan abierto, el pelo se seca antes

M. Ángeles
¿Recomienda este producto?:
Muy buen cepillo

Lo tengo hace muy poquito, pero la primera impresión ha sido estupenda. Probaré más productos.

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