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For curly hair to look soft, fluffy and with well-defined curls it needs care from root to tip. Curly hair needs nourishment, it becomes dehydrated due to the loss of lipids, showing the scales of the cuticle, the outer part of the hair, more detached, which leads to the frizz.

Nourishing cosmetics that manage to keep the hair cuticle sealed, avoiding dehydration and protecting the internal structures, the key to show them off.

What does this pack include?

  • H06 Solid Conditioner. The best option for conditioning and smoothing hair. Remember to slide the tablet directly onto the driest areas of the hair, mid-lengths and ends.
  • H08 Conditioning Mist. An ideal mist if your curls are unravelled and frizzy after a night out. Try spraying it on dry hair when you wake up. Then with your head down, try to scrunch your curls in an upward motion as if you want to lock them in.
  • Fingerbrush. This Olivia Garden brush with wide, splayed bristles is perfect for combing and detangling curly hair without tugging or breaking, both wet and dry.

Y además, viste tu cabello

Customer Reviews

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Miriam Garcia Gaspar
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Tengo el pelo rizado y encrespado, me compré estos productos para probar y estoy muy contenta, el pelo me queda muy suave, hidratado y me queda un rizo muy bonito, no necesito ponerme nada mas que un poco del suavizante en spray..así que lo recomiendo totalmente

Ana Martin Cassinello
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Colección Rizos

He comprado el pack completo el champú maravilloso deja el pelo limpio y suave . La pastilla de crema súper hidratante que para rizos es perfecto , el cepillo de pelo muy recomendable , el spray de acondicionador hidrata y deja el pelo
Genial para los días que no lavas la cabeza
Un acierto la compra y 100./. Recomendable

Raquel Cabrera
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