From the everyday to the special: H09 Hair Mask

Applying a cosmetic can be very attractive, it is an intimate, sensual and balancing moment. When you apply a cosmetic you invite it into your life. That's why at Modesta Cassinello we work hard to ensure that our cosmetics surprise you in every way: their scent, their texture, their effectiveness and also their beauty.

But since the application of a cosmetic is a daily practice, sometimes we underestimate it and do not give it the importance, the idea of "comfort" has been imposed in the day to day. However, modern life attaches more and more importance to opportunities to take care of oneself, taking a few minutes to apply a hair mask is an accessible luxury, because these opportunities are becoming more and more fortuitous.

Today we present our latest novelty H09 Hair Mask, the first Modesta Cassinello mask for intensive hair care, which restores vitality, shine and softness to the hair. Spending a few minutes on it has never been so recommended, both for its application and its results.

Mascarilla capilar

Its latest generation natural active ingredients, hemi-squalane and squalane, obtained from sugar cane and olive oil, reinforce the hair fiber, improving hydration and combing, while protecting hair fibers from heat damage. These active ingredients also protect color and reduce the damage hair is subjected to on a daily basis.

Accompanying the formula is brassica oil together with an amino acid, valine, naturally present in the hair. Both strengthen the hair fiber and define it, just the way we like it, on both curly and straight hair. Also present in the formula are two exclusive oils with proven hair care properties, jojoba oil and castor oil. Together they interact with the keratin structure of the hair creating a coating with a high refractive index, significantly increasing the shine of the hair.

Hair, although fundamentally a keratin tissue, also has lipids in its structure, mainly with a barrier function. These lipids prevent the transfer of water from the outside to the inside, but also contribute to the structure, diffusion and mechanical properties of the hair. These lipids are easily removed by washing and technical treatments to which the hair is subjected. This is why the use of conditioners and oils is so highly recommended, whatever age you are and whatever hair you have.

H09 Hair Mask, unlike H04 Conditioner, is a deeper treatment to moisturize and soften the hair. Its active ingredients have been selected to reinforce the hair fiber and give hair a healthy and shiny appearance. It is suitable for all hair types, improves curl in curly and textured hair and leaves a healthy and moisturized finish on straight hair.

Guide to apply H09 Hair Mask on hair:

  1. Start by washing your hair with the shampoo that best suits your hair's needs, this will ensure that the hair is more receptive to absorb all the active ingredients selected in this amazing mask.
  2. Apply the mask to damp hair, right after rinsing out the shampoo. We recommend you to wring out your hair well with your hands or better yet a towel so that the product is better absorbed and penetrates better.
  3. Do not use too much at first, it is better to apply an amount similar to the size of a 50 cent coin, and add a little more if you do not have enough to cover the means and ends. Gently massage strand by strand from top to bottom to distribute evenly and facilitate penetration, much better with the iBlend brush.

How long should the mask be left on the hair?

After about 3 minutes, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. H09 Mask contains innovative nourishing active ingredients that restore proper hydration to your hair and need to be rinsed out thoroughly.

As mentioned above, we recommend applying H09 Mask from mid-lengths to ends or only on the ends if your hair is short.

H09 Hair Mask can also be used as aleave on treatment cream by applying a small amount to the areas you find to be the driest.

How often can you use the mask?

H09 Hair Mask can be used every time you want an extra treatment for your hair because it intensely nourishes without weighing it down, making hair effortlessly detangling and keeping it soft when drying.

Now that your hair is more exposed to factors that can dry and damage it, it is convenient to use it frequently to provide an extra dose of hydration.

If you have oily hair, we recommend being especially careful with its application, avoiding applying it too close to the roots and scalp.

Does this mask make my hair greasy or does it detract from its volume?

H09 Hair Mask does not make hair greasy or volumizing.

Is a hair mask necessary if you use conditioner after every wash?

Yes, it is a different treatment. H09 Hair Mask is a more intense and deep conditioning treatment. Its richness in active ingredients moisturizes, softens and deeply strengthens the hair fiber.

It is the perfect complement to H04 Frequent Use Conditioner or H06 Solid Conditioner, as well as H08 Conditioning Mist.

Ready to try the new hair care treatment? Looking forward to your feedback.

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