Why would a man buy a Modesta Cassinello shampoo?

A man would buy our hair care cosmetics because they cover the main concerns a man has when it comes to caring for his hair:

  1. Doing what he likes most every morning, washing his hair daily without weakening it.
  2. Improve the qualities of the scalp and ensure that the hair follicle environment is cared for so that the hair grows strong.
  3. Use cosmetics that you like and offer a flawless finish. You don't want to spend time having to be deciding on a frequent basis which shampoo to choose, but the location of your next trip!
  4. You could share with your partner..., they are Genderless.

Dear reader, if you come to this space without knowing my work and without trying my cosmetics, it is difficult for you to trust me and buy any of them. The risk of making a mistake is greater than what I can offer you, and it's a pity, because if I have anything, it's customers who are loyal to my brand from the first time they try it!

And as my friend Ana Blanco tells me: "Modesta, a sale is not an act, it is the consequence of having accompanied a potential customer throughout a process in which we get to know him, we transmit confidence, we find out his interests, needs and desires, telling him what he has to pay attention to in order to make his purchase a success".

Safe, respectful and effective, these are the shampoos in our hair care line.

Today with this post I want to break the digital barriers to get closer to you. I intend to convey confidence and let you know my cosmetics in a clear way so that you can identify if any of them can offer you a solution. I am going to explain the advantages of the shampoos that make up our Mediterranean-inspired hair line, and how they can solve the main concerns with your hair, which today you may not have all of them solved.

At no time with this post I want to create false expectations of use, I will detail real properties. I would also love you to tell me what your particular needs are through a comment or private email. With all this information, who knows, you may decide to buy it, and I will be here to support you with advice at any time. ;)

Which shampoo to choose?

01. If you want to wash your hair daily without dehydrating or weakening it.

My hair line is an excellent choice for washing your hair every day, a frequent need for men. Although each hair is marked by genetics and hormones, it is common for men to have an oily scalp, which is why they want to wash their hair daily.

At the same time, the use of helmets or caps by doctors, nurses, surveyors, architects, contact with greasy particles in suspension in the case of cooks and / or daily gym, invites daily washing of the hair. Other times the cause is the feeling of freshness and complete shower and pleasure after a working day, or first thing in the morning to recharge the batteries.

The problem is that this daily shampooing is often identified with dehydration and weakness, and you guys immediately relate it to hair loss, causing you to worry. In response to this concern, we have formulated a shampoo for frequent use H01.

H01 shampoo allows you to indulge in this "whim", washing your hair whenever you want, offering wellness to your scalp and hair. The fresh, gently minty scent of this shampoo appeals to men who are looking for quality products for their daily care.

Its cleansing agents with the best characteristics from the point of view of biodegradability and biocompatibility, and its active ingredients with proven properties to balance the rate of scalp hydration, thus regulating oiliness, are two points in favor of having this shampoo in your shower.

If you notice hair loss greater than usual and sustained over time, remember that there is currently no shampoo with which you can regenerate your hair or make it grow. Shampoos do not influence the hair cycle. I recommend you go to a specialist to find a personalized treatment for hair loss and continue your washes with a shampoo like the ones I present today, shampoos that take care of the environment of the hair follicle, respectful of your scalp and hair.

If you are using an anti-hair loss treatment, you can combine it with any of the shampoos offered by Modesta Cassinello, a great alternative to provide a suitable environment for good growth and at the same time offer well-being to the hair at all times.

02. If you want to improve hair qualities and be able to wash your hair every day.

Yes, long hair for boys is in and who doesn't like soft, shiny hair? After shampooing with our shampoos you will feel your hair soft and clean. We offer high quality cosmetics that do not generate a greasy external appearance due to components or accumulations after continuous use.

To restore moisture to the scalp, shine and flexibility of the hair is highly recommended shampoo shine and vitality H03, a shampoo that in addition to improving qualities in your hair is also valid for daily use.

Qualities to highlight of the H03 Shampoo shine and vitality

  • Prevents irritation. Cleanses without drying and provides a balanced scalp, as well as softness and manageability to the hair.
  • Improves hair fiber structure, maintaining and enhancing color and shine.
  • Facilitates and maintains styling by not altering the hair's natural protective barrier. Smoother hair with a more cared-for appearance.
  • Contains active ingredients with proven efficacy in scalp and hair care: botanical complexes, natural oils and antioxidants, making each of our products unique.

Men's conditioner

03. If you want to balance your scalp

The most suitable shampoo to cleanse and balance the scalp and hair is undoubtedly the H07 Sea Salt Shampoo. This shampoo is indicated for anyone who wants a deeper cleansing of the scalp without altering the hair fiber, recovering softness, shine and volume both at the roots and ends.

Although H07 salt shampoo has been created for all hair types, it works especially well on greasy hair and on women and men who use anti-hair loss treatments. It eliminates greasy residues, reduces itching and irritation and beautifies the hair. Washing thoroughly once a week when applying an anti-hair loss treatment makes the treatment work better.

H07 Shampoo with sea salt, formulated for what matters, taking care of the scalp and hair and making it last longer and cleaner. The top seller at Modesta Cassinello.

04. If you want to use cosmetics that offer you an experience.

Yes, our shampoos offer an experience when you apply them:

  • Creamy foam that allows you to massage the scalp, lifting the roots and activating circulation.
  • Easy rinsing, even if you stop at the massage, when you decide you are going to remove it has to be a simple and quick moment, endless foam does not like.
  • If you have curls all shampoos are moisturizing and together with the use of H04 Conditioner and H08 Moisturizing Mist, will allow you to show them nourished and natural. Likewise, whether you have curls or not, applying a conditioner once or twice a week will benefit your hair as well. If you want to know what these benefits are, don't hesitate to read our post:Why should a man use conditioner?
  • And a secret! They don't smell like roses ;), they smell like Mediterranean.

Looking forward to hearing your comments or questions! ;)

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