Fingerbrush - Special for curly hair


Curls and styling are words that don't really go together, but if you use a brush suitable for this type of hair structure, anything is possible! The key is a brush with wide, splayed bristles, such as the Fingerbrush from Olivia Garden.

This brush is ideal for combing and detangling curly hair, without tugging or breakage, both wet and dry.

It has a unique hand-shaped design for massaging the hair and scalp, with a non-slip handle to avoid tangles. It is also lightweight and easy to handle, for ergonomic and relaxed styling.

Its soft round-tipped nylon bristles are anti-static and ionised, which means they prevent static charge for shiny, frizz-free hair.

How is it different from the Fingerbrush Combo?

The Fingerbrush has similar features to the Fingerbrush Combo. The difference is that the Fingerbrush Combo also includes boar bristles. These bristles help to smooth the hair during styling and give it extra shine and natural volume, so it is not recommended for curly hair.

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Cepillo Fingerbrush - Especial pelo rizado.

Genial para el pelo ondulado, puedes peinarlo cada día y mantiene una bonita.

Soledad Lopez ceron
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Muy recomendable!

Está pensado para pelos rizados pero yo lo tengo ondulado y también va genial. Te detiene el rizo y es muy agradable de usar!

Encarnación Martín Gómez
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Efectivo para el pelo rizado

Tengo el pelo rizado y se encrespa con facilidad. No lo utilizo a diario pues me basta con mis propios dedos pero sí cuando lo lavo y sirve para desenredar de forma amable con el pelo.

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