Extra dose of softness and shine

Modesta Cassinello H08 Conditioning Mist, a treatment that offers softness, shine and protection to the hair, has arrived at Modesta. It comes in the form of a "mist", a formula with active ingredients with proven hair care properties and very easy to use.

"Your choice os moisturizing your hair has got a little more interesting than just conditioner or mask." Modesta

What is it?

H08 Conditioning Mist is a spray conditioner that you apply to damp hair after shampooing, and you don't have to rinse it out after application.

You can also use it on dry hair, a way to refresh and moisturize on very dry and/or cold days.

Its active ingredients?

  • Sodium PCA, an excellent active ingredient to control the dreaded frizz and improve hair manageability.
  • Cystoseria compressaH08 Conditioning Mist, a brown seaweed developed in the Mediterranean with proven properties to improve the integrity of the hair fiber. This active complex, in addition to providing shine and softness to the hair, makes it more resistant to heat treatments such as flat irons and hair dryers.

And its scent?

Sensual, citrusy, Mediterranean-inspired, we want it to be a pleasure to apply and take you back to those days of sun and beach that we love so much.

If you use conditioner or mask after shampooing, our new launch H08 Conditioning Mist may seem like an "extra", and so it is, it is an extra of softness and protection, to show off soft, healthy and light hair.

If you don't use a conditioner or mask, it may seem like a "what's the point". Today I encourage you to read on and learn the perfect recipe to offer softness and light to your hair, sure that at the end of this post will enter your"Wishlist".

Who is H08 indicated for?

The H08 Conditioning Mist is indicated for all those who:

  • Notice dull and dry hair even after using conditioner or mask.
  • Avoid conditioner because of an oily scalp.
  • Have dull and dehydrated hair due to dry or very cold environments.
  • Use high pH shampoos. Remember that the pH can cause a loss of integrity and structure of the hair fiber and cause the hair to appear weak, limp and dull. This mist provides the right pH to keep the hair fiber sealed and looking healthy.
  • You have curly hair and don't want to lose your wave. Instead of applying products that leave weight or residue, give your curls a touch of "sparkle" and show all their sensuality, up the curly mane!
  • They're in a hurry. As we always say in this space, the use of conditioner is a non-negotiable step and this will be your solution to not waste a minute. Plus it's sustainable, you don't need to rinse it out.

H08 Conditioning Mist has become from the first moment a"must have" for its ability to do a lot of things, as we like ;), soften, detangle, shine, protect from heat and color all in a beautiful spray.

How to use it?

Shake before each use and spray it on damp hair after shampooing, it will help you detangle and fill your hair with volume, movement and body. Its active ingredients have proven properties to controlfrizz and also protect from the high temperatures of hair dryers, flat irons and UV radiation.

Your fingers or brush will help you spread the product evenly. Remember that you don't have to rinse it out, just define the hair as you wish.

You can also apply it on dry hair whenever you are looking for a touch of freshness and softness.

Its benefits?

  1. Promotes hair softness and elasticity to prevent breakage.
  2. Improves manageability, reducing the "democratized" frizz.
  3. Reduces friction when hair is wet, protecting its structure.
  4. Cares for color-treated hair.
  5. Re-establishes the pH, keeping the hair cuticle in perfect condition.
  6. Protects fine or damaged hair from the heat of flat irons, hair dryers and UV radiation.

What about its aesthetics?

Like all our products, it follows a philosophy defined by naturalness, simplicity and discretion.

"There is no single way to condition hair", H08 Conditioning Mist.

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