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Article: Does it make sense to invest in an anti-hair loss shampoo?

¿Tiene sentido invertir en un champú anticaída?

Does it make sense to invest in an anti-hair loss shampoo?

Every day more and more shampoos are advertised that promise to stop hair loss and attract all eyes. Why? Because we like quick and simple solutions, and solving hair loss with a quick and almost daily gesture such as washing your hair would be fantastic.

Consumers want a product that works and they want the truth, so today we are asking whether it is worth investing in a shampoo to stop hair loss or whether there is a better solution.

From an efficacy point of view, it makes no sense to invest in an anti-hair loss shampoo and it is difficult to justify. From a marketing point of view, you only have to look at the market, every day more and more shampoos are advertised that promise to stop hair loss.

Why does it not make sense to invest in an anti-hair loss shampoo?

Because the active ingredients that increase hair growth, in order to be effective, have to pass through the infundibulum of the hair bulb to reach the sebaceous gland. And what happens? It is practically impossible, since in this area there is a high concentration of grease that hinders the entry of any active ingredient that we apply, and even more so if we rinse afterwards and the contact time is minimal.

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What is needed for the cosmetic to act on hair loss?

Active ingredients in hydroalcoholic vehicles, in light and non-encapsulated formulas. In this way, the active ingredients are able to enter and release the active ingredient in the right place to exert their action. This is why ampoules and lotions are positioned as the best topical anti-hair loss products.

Which shampoos are good for hair loss?

The best shampoos for hair loss and complementary to an anti-hair loss treatment are those that have active ingredients with proven properties to improve the hair follicle environment, and The sensory qualities that we always like to see in hair: softness, shine and manageability.

At Modesta Cassinello we do not claim that our shampoos are anti-hair loss, but we do say that our shampoos are very effective to complete an anti-hair loss treatment such as a serum, lotion or ampoules, cosmetics and/or medications with the ability to act where it is needed and exert its action.

Why are Modesta Cassinello shampoos good complements to anti-hair loss treatments?

As with the skin, our hair requires care and all our shampoos are perfect for use with anti-hair loss treatments, because they improve the hair follicle environment avoiding any dermatological disorder. In turn, they improve softness, shine and manageability offering a pleasant experience during washing.

In addition, since hair loss can often be associated with seborrhea due to an activation of the sebaceous gland function, effectively eliminating this grease ensures a proper follicle environment in addition to improving volume and density. H07 Sea Salt Shampoo is a great cosmetic to combine with your hair loss treatments.

In summary, what is the best product for hair loss?

You can lose 50 to 100 hairs a day, it is normal, hair has a life cycle. However, if you notice an increase and it continues over time, we advise you to visit your dermatologist.

The best product for hair loss is the one prescribed by your dermatologist hair specialist, trichologist, after asking you a few questions, observing the hair follicle and reviewing a blood test. Hair loss that is identified earlier has a better prognosis.

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