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These are our most successful shampoos, conditioners and accessories for perfect hair. Which one do you choose?
Champú con salH07 Absolute sea salt shampoo
H07 Absolute sea salt shampoo
Sale price29,00€
Champú brilloH03 Shine and Energizing Shampoo 250 ml
H03 Shine and Energizing Shampoo 250 ml
Sale price24,00€
Champú de uso frecuenteH01 Daily Shampoo 250 ml
H01 Daily Shampoo 250 ml
Sale price24,00€
Spray acondicionadorH08 Conditioning Mist
H08 Conditioning Mist
Sale price25,00€
Acondicionador hidratanteH04 Weightless Hydrating Daily Conditioner 250 ml
Champú sólidoH05 Solid Shampoo 58 g
H05 Solid Shampoo 58 g
Sale price18,00€
Champú reparadorH02 Repair Shampoo 250 ml
H02 Repair Shampoo 250 ml
Sale price24,00€
Acondicionador sólidoH06 Solid Conditioner 40 g
H06 Solid Conditioner 40 g
Sale price18,00€
Mejor cepillo para peinar el peloCepillo Fingerbrush Combo de Olivia Garden
Olivia Garden FingerBrush Combo
Sale price21,50€
H09 Hair Mask 100 mlH09 Hair Mask 100 ml
H09 Hair Mask 100 ml
Sale price33,00€
H10 Sublime Oil 30 mlH10 Sublime Oil 30 ml
H10 Sublime Oil 30 ml
Sale price29,00€
Cepillo Olivia Garden iBlendCepillo para aplicar acondicionador
Olivia Garden iBlend Brush
Sale price17,90€
Cepillo Fingerbrush ionesFingerbrush anti encrespamiento
Fingerbrush Round
Sale price19,00€
Cepillo para pelo rizado Olivia GardenCepillo para pelo rizado Olivia Garden
Fingerbrush - Special for curly hair
Sale price19,50€
Cepillo de viaje plegable con espejoCepillo de viaje plegable
Fingerbrush Combo On the Go
Sale price19,90€
Cepillo iDetangleCepillo iDetangle
Cepillo iDetangle
Sale price16,00€