Full Gloss Collection


Do you want to have a shiny hair?

Whatever your hair is: straight, fine, frizzy, dry ... we recommend you to try this combination of H03 Shine and Vitality Shampoo, H07 Shampoo with Sea Salt and H04 Moisturizing Conditioner, it will help you achieve hydrated hair, with more light and volume.

The Full Gloss Collection includes:

  1. H03 Shine and Vitality Shampoo 250ml: For all those who notice their hair is dull. Say yes to healthy, loose and shiny hair every day.
  2. H07 Shampoo with sea salt 190g: A new and unique weekly treatment to heal and balance your scalp. In addition to providing softness, light and body to your hair, it keeps it clean for longer.
  3. H04 Moisturizing conditioner 250ml: For anyone who wants to hydrate and repair their hair to make it appear flexible, soft and with a dazzling shine without reducing volume. Silky texture without silicones and maximum hydration, without greasing or weighing it down. Always apply from middles to ends after washing, and for extra hydration use as a pre-shampoo treatment.

Simple and basic cosmetics that work whatever your hair, and always highlighting the freshness, positivity and elegance that the Mediterranean holds.

Y además, viste tu cabello

Customer Reviews

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Juani Molina
¿Recomienda este producto?:

Champú sal Marina increíble y H03 y H04 mechan gustado mucho como me dejan el cabello.

María Jesús iglesias dorado
¿Recomienda este producto?:

Si me ha encantado

Raquel Cotaina Blanco
¿Recomienda este producto?:

Con poca cantidad te deja el pelo súper sedoso y brillante es estupendo

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